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Here is automatic automatic NAR Level 2 written test generator:

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Updated to the 2020 edition.

This is based on the practice tests on the NAR web site but instead of all of the questions this generates a test just like the real thing by selecting questions at random.

DARS Launch Reports

March 2019

Earthlink is terminating the web space they used to provide their customers so my page there will vanish by March 2020. They did this in a very shabby way.

When I tried to upload some changes on 7 March I found that the ftp connection was refused. A while later I discovered that I couldn't view the web pages but did get a redirect page stating that the data was being migrated. I called and complained several times. No mention that the service was terminated.

Then on 20 March they sent an email stating that the migration was complete and the pages viewable again but that no updates were allowed. And it would all go away on 31 March 2020.

No warning at all.

Except, not all of my data made the trip. Earthlink claims that my data at ~david.schultz was corrupted with malware or viruses so would never be restored. It didn't get that on my end so I suspect that their scanner incorrectly identified something (who knows what because Earthlink will not tell me) incorrectly. False positives are a well known flaw in the scanners. So now the only way to see any of that data is via the Wayback Machine.

I haven't decided what to do about all of the information on those pages yet. But I have moved a couple of things that update daily here:

ATSC Time Monitoring

Texas Electric Grid Power Data Logging

New web page home

As of August 2020 it is davesrocketworks.com.

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